Вот дошли уже и до реалтайм шоу виртуальных персонажей - возможности современных технологий, в этом направлении, впечатляют... Эх, очень жду технологий полного погружения Pleeease

Blu is my alter ego and we're setting out to build our corner of the metaverse, DIY style -- and it's all happenin within our spaceship called Xanadu.

(Translated description) Thanks to the insane power of the Unreal Engine, my 12 year old self (Blu) thinks he can finally live out any adventure he can virtually concoct!

The show kicks off in a few weeks and is all about creating fun story elixirs using the Unreal Engine & various motion capture tech. I'm aiming to make new episodes every week but tend to bite off a lot so it might take a few months to hit that pace. Smile

Stay Tuned, Metaverse twisting episodes coming!

Gear Hard & Soft
- Unreal Engine 4.26 (Game engine for nearly everything)
- Xsens MVN Link mocap suit (body motion capture)
- Manus VR Prime II gloves ( hand motion capture)
- iPhone 12 mini (facial motion capture)
- Standard Deviation HMC (mocap helmet)
- Maya (Modeling, Rigging)
- zBrush (Sculpting)
- Substance Painter (model textures)
- Quixel Megascans (surface textures)
- 3D Marketplace Assets (Unreal Marketplace, CGTrader, TurboSquid)
- Premiere (Editing)
- Soundly (Sound Library Organizer)
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